Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bake Cake: King's Cake

We've begun the day with our traditional King's Cake (or Gâteau des Rois), a French tradition we carry out every year (more here). We are celebrating my first year of willowday, too! Hip Hip Hurrah!

I haven't decided how to thank my willowday readers, yet! Jet lag is keeping me cloudy, but, I hope to articulate my joy fully in the days, weeks and months ahead when we meet here, again! There's so much to do, show and share! Thank you, dear readers, for this year -- meeting me here so regularly and also, for spreading the word to so many new! I'm overwhelmed.

For our recipe and more about the French celebration of this holiday, click here. Happy, happy, happy one year!

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  1. Happy one year:)
    Best and warmest wishes for the next one!

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful start, too!

  2. Congratultions on the One Year Anniversary of Willowday! You should be very proud of your beautiful work. Thank you so much for having an authentic voice, your magical photographs and for sharing all your wonderful thoughts and ideas. We eagerly await your new installments!

    1. You make my day. Thank you so much for these kind words of encouragement. I am so very, very glad to have you!

  3. Hiep-hiep-Hoera! Congratulations with Willowday. And our cake was nice too, my husband wore the crown (no picture :).


Thank you!