Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Moss

(Taken at Zeta's)I love moss details in Swedish Christmas decorations (and French, too). It's used beyond traditional topiaries, here and can be found in abundance. Is moss traditional in your area of the world? Here are a few more shots I've snapped on the streets of Stockholm.

Can you spot the traditional Swedish "Julbok" (Christmas goat) motif?

Hyacinthia is common at Christmas time in Sweden. When I asked a florist, from Essinge Blommor, about these, I learned that they are usually one of the first floral treatments you learn in Sweden at Florist school. Since Hyacinthia doesn't need much water, their roots are just wrapped in moss and bound with a fishing line. I would definitely like to try these next year.

We're lucky enough to have Aix-en-Provence* in our family circle. Aren't those great moss swags?! I opened Willowday's link, this past January. In the weeks leading up to this, I started dabbling for my sister's eyes only, during our Christmas holidays in France. Just keeping the text flush left was a feat! The area is so magical that it only felt right to leave these humble markers in, too.

I thank you for meeting me here these past 11 months! We're celebrating Christmas in the US and are currently on the move. There's always so much I'd like to share with you, but have decided that willowday is on holiday, too, over the kid's break. I can't wait to see you back here in January. I count on it. With this in mind, I wish you everything wonderful.

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  1. Lovely shots! Found you recently following a chain of Scandinavian blogs (as I have a particular interest in Sweden ;) ). So nice to read some of your older posts and learn more about a place I love (and may be living in soon).

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. What a great story. I am so very happy that you found me! I hope to meet you back here regularly! We're traveling for the holidays and if I can I have a few Stockholm posts

    2. Beautiful pictures! The moss really brings nature into the Christmas floral decorations. Moss is a great base to add lots of decorative elements to an arrangement.

    3. Thank you so much. Wishing you beautiful days.


Thank you!