Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland Advent Calender

We're sneaking closer to December. Have you made an Advent Calender, yet? This year, I envisioned a different kind of Advent Calender. I wanted to create a winter wonderland scene with 24 Christmas trees filled with delights.  
Inspired by earlier pyramid work this year (herehere and here), I realized that this shape would be perfect for the scene! I assembled, numbered and filled heavy, card stock trees. I wanted a clean and simple scene, so I printed three different sizes, on three shades of green card stock; labeled these in white (you can hand letter with ink, press on numbers or even stickers) then filled with treats. If these are made with a heavy card stock, they are re-useable. 
There are infinite possibilities for these: print them in different sizes and colors; adhere pom poms, top with gold stars, paint each side a different color or shade, paint like trees or even, loop the top with ribbon to hang these instead -- use your imagination and have fun!

Print PDF Christmas Tree Box template (here). This template can be printed at different sizes to easily have smaller and larger boxes. 

After printing the template, place it on desired card stock and cut. Note the flaps that will be folded over to secure the shape. After cutting the template, carefully fold into the pyramid shape. Assemble by gluing the side pyramid flap into place and with the top, choose if you would like to just close the top or for a more secure tree: glue, tie or secure with a piece of decorative tape. I recommend this,  if you are filling it with heavy objects. 

I hope you can get started on these right away, but, return tomorrow for a super fun filler idea we've done two years now!
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    1. Thank you! I hope you can give it a try, too. There are so many things you can do with these boxes.

  2. Comme habitude, wonderful mix of simplicity & creativity! Now to develop a system to keep curious little hands patient (as my eyes certainly are curious).
    PS. Today my kids are thrilled to finally open their first window of the chocolate advent calendar (which have been at stores since September in France)!

    1. Merci! I can picture this scene perfectly. We are starting December with one foot of fluffy, white, snow -- the kids are relieved that Santa will have no problems with his sleigh! As always, thank you for your great comments.

  3. I love this idea!! The hands-on opening of the trees would be such a hit!! I hope you'll share it at my new Preschool Christmas Party linky (!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope you have the chance to make these! (there's a printable pattern to make this easy) I look forward to checking your linky out!

  4. this is so cute : thanks a lot for sharing ! i posted link here :

  5. Thanks!! I just made these and sent them to my niece at college!

    1. That's so incredibly thoughtful! Lucky, lucky girl! Thank you for sharing -- it makes my day.


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