Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November: Town and Country

I'm on break with the kids. Here's a little glimpse of Stockholm Town and Country this week.

View over Kungsgatan

Hallwylska Museum

Hotorget (translated: Hay Square)

Rosendals Tragård for Pumpkin Carving
(With friends, Heather and Mathilda, Max and William and gang)
Around town:
1) Walks, talks and "fika's" (coffee/hot chocolate breaks) just us or meeting friends.
2) Hallwylska Museum: "Hallwyleen" is a special Halloween tour for kids with spooky surprises at the Hallwylska Mansion in central Stockholm. There is currently a Downton Abby exhibit, too.
3) Hötorget Square is perfect for movies (Yes, plural: we've had our fair share of cold and rain.) and place to pick out the perfect pumpkin, as well as, chanterelle mushrooms.
4) Visit Rosendals Tragård (here and here) for a coffee, to participate in a course or to just to stroll.
Book ahead for their pumpkin carving in their greenhouses! There are year around programs. Today, Nov 1, for example: Wreath making with their Garden Experts, Maria Berg och Christer Johansson.
5) We love to attend the Museum Art programs for kids. These are two on our current list:
Modern Museum, here, Kid's Fall Break Photography Program and
National Museum Kid's, here, Atelier: Make your own collection. (For more, click here)

Little brother gives great support to hilly areas while inlining.

... home and easy days of creativity, Henry walks, togetherness and visitors!
(Yes, we had snow (here) and have actually made our first ice lanterns (how-to, click here)!)

Note: Thinking of other Towns and Country over the Atlantic: I've been peeking in at Cupojoe for NYC photo updates all week. Cupojoe, you've been my "pinterest fairy godmother" this week. Thank you! and one more: Whoopie!" Today, I learned that Willowday was named: Top 25 Creative Blogs because of you! I can't tell you, readers, how touched I am by this nomination, award and your votes! Thank you so much!

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  1. Congratulations! Amazing but not surprising. You are very good at what you do and I look forward to continue reading your blog!


    1. Stor Tack!...I remain humbly amazed! Thank you for the encouragement. I look forward to meeting you here and "there" again soon!


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