Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Finger knit

Do your kids finger knit? 

I somehow missed finger knitting, as a kid, but, Francesca taught us all this summer. Since then, we've accumulated yards + yards + yards and come up with more + more + more finger knitting projects. 

Today, I wanted to just get you started with a tutorial.  I have several project, (click here) (and here) that I can't wait to share in the coming weeks. It's easy and be warned: it's amazingly addictive.  Boys and girls, adults and kids, can do this and do it anywhere. If you have any questions, don't hesitate getting in touch.


Get started by choosing a ball of yarn.
1) Loop the yarn the yarn loosely around the thumb of your non-dominant hand. Don't knot. The tail should be on the back of your hand, and you should press the side of your thumb against your index finger to hold it tightly.

2) Take the working tail of the yarn and weave it back and forth between 3 fingers.

- Go under your middle finger

- Over your ring finger

- Under your pinkie. Loop around and

3) Do this in reverse over three fingers:

1: Go over the pinkie

2: Under the ring finger

3: Over the middle finger, and under the index finger.

4) Beginning by going under the pointing finger, repeat this... sequence one more time so that each finger has two complete loops on it.

5) Starting with the little finger, lift the bottom loop of yarn over the top loop. Slip it off your finger and drop it behind your hand.
6 and 7) Repeat with the bottom loop on your ring finger. 
8) Continue until all fingers have only one strand of yarn wrapped around them.

Start weaving by repeating these steps (2-8). Continue until you have reached a satisfactory length. 

To finish: make sure you are at the point where there is one strand of yarn on each finger (fig 8). 
Lift the loop off your pinkie. Slip it onto your middle finger, so that there are two strands on the middle finger. Lift the bottom strand on the ring finger over the top and slip it off your finger.
Lift the remaining loop off your ring finger and slip it onto your middle finger, so that there are two strands on the middle finger. Lift the bottom strand on the ring finger over the top and slip it off your finger.

Cut the yarn so that there is about a hand's length of yarn. Feed the tail through the remaining loop, that is on the middle finger. Slip it off the finger and pull tight to end the knitting.
Have fun!

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  1. Looks like fun. And another chance to be creative.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, it's so much fun to see where the knitting has taken ideas. They kids have thought up projects I'd never thought of before.

  2. Sounds like a great activity for a plane ride!

    1. Absolutely perfect! I can't believe we weren't doing this earlier. (Also, if any time you have extended waiting -- like a sibling in a sports match -- just whipped out the yarn and start finger knitting!)

  3. that's so cool! i never did it either as a kid. but i bet it would make some super super chunky yarn that could be knitted again into a comfy scarf :)


    1. Maybe it's easier to find great yarn now? I agree... it's a great chance to get creative and even I have joined in -- it's not just for kids.

  4. Today I saw a man knitting for the first time...and on the tramway of my French town. He had his grey wool in his grey backback and was very preoccuppied without being on an electronic device.

    1. ... how did this nice comment slip by? ... Thank you for this! What a fantastic coincidence! Hello from 2013 --- Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Thank you!