Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finger Knit Head bands

If you're a regular reader, did finger knitting strike your house, like it did ours? If you're new to willowday, do you or your kids finger knit? The kids were on their way to the Guinness World Book of Records after their ceaseless knitting and; then, started coming up with great ways to actually use it. These head bands are pretty and a great craft to do with a group or solo. If you'd like to know how, see below. They're perfect for the season!

Head band with tie and doggie collar

Create an elastic headband with finger knitting, them use your imagination to embellish.
How to make these:

Knit one piece of finger knitting(click here) that could be wrapped around your child's head 1 1/2 times in length. Gather supplies: 1) finger knit length 2) felt flower 3) Elastic Thread 4) Needle

Finger knit length (1 1/2 times circumference of head). Tutorial, click here.
Felt flower, optional or extra length, tied into a bow.
Elastic Thread
Needle and Thread

- Measure length of elastic thread to fit around head + 4 inches (10 cm). Cut.

- Fold finger knitting in 1/2. At center, sew felt flower into place.

- Thread needle with elastic thread and weave the elastic through the center, tube-like space, in the middle of the finger knitting.

- Once the elastic has been pulled all of the way through the headband, the finger knitting should be a little gatherer.

- Tie the ends of the elastic and then, with a needle and thread, sew the head band ends together and head band is complete.

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  1. this would be quite a fun way to make a dress-up wig! (if I did one in orange and red it might even look like Merida from Brave and I might get a prize from my daughter!) Not sure I'll have time before Christmas mind you!

    1. Fabulous!!!! If you do this, please send pictures!


Thank you!