Monday, November 12, 2012

"Calgon --- take me away"

Happy Monday! I'm having a milestone morning: an extended period of work. Do you recognize this beautiful, small, victory? Wishing you a week with victories of your own. (I hope that readers in Sweden had a Great Father's Day, too.)
Mary Ann, Gilligan and Ginger on "Gilligan's Island" courtesy of myspace

Carol Brady and Alica on "The Brady Bunch" via youtube
Tracy and Gwenyth working out on Oprah photo courtesy of Oprah

Experiencing overload, this past month, I've mumbled, "Calgon take me away." I've entered the kitchen asking: do you know where I could find "my own Alice?;" or have just wondered to myself: where are you,  Tracy Anderson?  These embedded pop culture moments, lift my mood and lighten the moment, even though I can see, in my thoughtful European husband's eyes, that he has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about or referring to. Do you, too, ever have a period where you feel more "Gilligan" ... than, say: Ginger? Mary Anne?; and, it is best described this way? Be it cultural, geographic, age, professional, etc, are there cliches, phrases or references that come from one area of your life that are non-transferable to another? I'd love to hear from you.

Via Willowday's Facebook page yesterday, I learned that people couldn't leave comments here. I love to hear from you here, on Facebook or emails and was appreciative to get this message. Thank you! I hope everything is smooth again today.

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