Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parenting and Humor

How many times daily do you hear things like this:

Question: What goes "zzub, zzub, zzub?"
(answer: a backward bee)


I started the day thinking about kid humor.
If you have kids,  then you know the power of humor, too.
(If you have a 10 or 11 year old boy, multiply this by 100.)

#1 note to self: Use humor. You will move the sky and the sun with this. I high-five myself daily, every time I use humor to diffuse tense or emotional moments, solve a conflict, persuade one to wear the jacket I prefer ... even, to do math problems. It works so grandly! It's truly magic!

On the contrary:
#2 note to self:  Keep yours (humor) Do you always laugh when THEY want to make you laugh? Instead of sharing their laughter,  sometimes I feel that I'm too often the "conductor." I conduct. I lead. I sometimes over analyze. I translate. I sometimes worry. I can even turn their jokes into teaching moments: "Ok, honey. Thank you for that joke, but, now could sum that up in a haiku?" Do you know what I mean? S-e-r-i-o-u-s!

On this note, I wish you humor in all forms this week! Give it up a little. If you are a parent like me, I think we connect seriously with our kids regularly; don't we?  Maybe if we want our kids to reach the stars, we should think of the fact that laughter could be their star dust. After all, it works like magic. Do you agree?

... to the stars!

How does humor fit into your life? Parenting style? Children?

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  1. Oh I need to use more humour with my girl - I find tense situations/stand offs very hard to diffuse, and wish I had a "bon mot" to move us past them each time!

    1. Great to hear from you. I think everyone does. It's amazing that once you start talking, we all have the same worries. I genuinely find humor to provide miracles ... with less stress! Thanks!

  2. Humour is the best! I feel in the French system and real world, the support through humour at home sparks life into equilirium. Jend'isère
    PS. And your haiku example made me laugh!

    1. Well put!!

      (I'm so happy to hear from you!)

    2. I get such an extra kick in my day when I know that I've connected with someone! Diffused with Swedish, but our children go to a French school, too and I agree with your comment.

  3. Interesting. I guess I've never thought of the French as very humorous. I guess we are all guilty of stereotypes. How lucky you are if you can see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. This is spoken from a grandmother of more than 8. Mothers do their best. And, your best is your best. Kids know their mothers! Have fun and laugh. They grow up very fast and then you can laugh with them as adults. :)


Thank you!