Saturday, October 27, 2012

Make a Halloween Dog Cape

Up, up and away!

The kids are on vacation. Every day feels like a Saturday this week and I realize that I just completely missed posting yesterday -- next week! Today, I wish you all big, happy, weekendy-wishes!

One, in our family, has been whipping up Henry's Halloween costumes, one's helping me with our annual Halloween cupcakes, and another is planning the treats (and tricks) for tonight -- we are attending our first Halloween tonight.

If you don't have a puppy, make a cape for your stuffed animals!

Come make a very simple cape with us below:

Felt in 3 colors, fabric scissors, fabric glue,

Step 1: Fit one piece of felt over your pet or stuffed animal to create the correct size.

Step 2. Draw a pattern in chalk onto the felt. Make sure you draw the ties long enough for them to tie. Cut out pattern for cape. Cut Monogram and circle that is larger than the letter.

Step 3. Glue monogram to the circle, creating a super-pet shield to place in the center of the cape.

Step 4. Let dry. Tie + enjoy!

Wishing you a supreme weekend with your own Super Heros!


  1. Henry sure is cute. Do you celebrate Halloween on the 27th in Sweden? We celebrate on the 31st. It is fun no matter when celebrated.

    1. Thank you. He's a great puppy. No, Halloween is often celebrated here on the last weekend of the month. It's not a Swedish tradition although it is a tradition to reverently celebrate "All Saints Day" in Sweden -- more of a modern day import and due to this, it's even shifting. I'm ready for trick or treaters now through the first weekend in November! I've even had people ask me if we eat Pumpkin Pie and Turkey on this day because I think people get Halloween and Thanksgiving confused.


Thank you!