Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chasing Gold

Puppy walks and talks:

Yesterday, Henry, our pup, accompanied me to the island, where the kids go to school on the edge of the city, for school pick up. We chased gold together during this after-school walk with him: beginning with golden croissants + cinnamon buns at the corner cafe and then, these same tones around the island, itself. Stockholm's bursting with Fall color and it's clear, this time of the year, why yellow, painted, houses are historically popular in Sweden.

I should preface this with:
1) I never thought we'd actually get a dog.
2) I have a list of 101 reason why we could never, ever, ever have a dog.

Although, I am it's not ... quite zen; the puppy walks and talks that we have because of Henry---- in pairs, as a family; at home and around town; togetherness shared ----  are pure gold.

Whether it's dog walks or solo walks, don't you find, too, that it's in these simple shared moments that treasures of connection lie, too?

Note: Grass roof in the bottom, right hand picture. We counted at least 3 such roofs: Swedish countryside, in the city.

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  1. We love having the dogs - there's no exscuse but to to go out walking every day come rain or shine! : )
    and of course great companions!
    Henry looks so cute : )

    1. Thank you for this comment. We agree! Living in the 4 seasons (and sometimes I feel like it's 2 seasons) of Sweden, having a dog walking companion is the best way to get out in the weather. I agree. (Henry... almost doesn't feel real. Puppy power!)


Thank you!