Monday, October 8, 2012

Blushing: I've been nominated!

Willowday is really a newborn of sorts. I started this baby, just over 9 months ago.
This weekend, out of the blue: I received word of it's nomination in: Top 25 Creative Blog by skinny scoop. This is far from a baby thrill! Yippee!
This is how to vote for willowday:
1) Go to the list of nominations (Click here for link)
2) Scroll down list of nominations to willowday. You will see willowday and a "like it" button.
3) Place your vote for willowday by pressing the 'like it" button at willowday!

(Answering several inquiries: Comments on this skinnyscoop voting site are wonderful, but do not count as votes. Voting is counted by the number of people who press the "like it" button on the willowday nomination! Willowday day has already been nominated but, now needs support through votes.)


If you're new to me or just want to know more:
Willow Day's First 9 months:

First public post 
Fete du Roi, click here
First month...
First DIY: How to make Ice Lanterns, click here.
First attempts at learning how to post while on vacation:
Dec - Jan 5: France and willowday's beginnings.
(Only my sister and one friend had link. Yes, you can do this!)

If this is the first 9 months, (click here), I can't wait to see what the future holds!
Willowday thank you for being a part of this!


  1. Well done! I know I've said it before, but your style always seems so much more established and confident than your short 9 months! :-)

    1. I am happy every time you come by!! I hope your first days with baby are blissful. Your comment is very thoughtful and so meaningful to me --- thank you. I can only add that I think "in pictures" and truly love the chance to share -- you make my day.


Thank you!