Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy weekend

I feel like I just began my conversation with September! Do you, too? I had to think twice when I found an email with a midnight booking deadline in my inbox from SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), yesterday. Christmas plans to be made already? Really? How can we be to the last Friday in September? I hope it's been a great month for you and as I close for the week, I wish you continued days of inspiration. Grab those moments, as they come!

Looking forward to meeting you back here Monday!

(PS: Gift Wrap: Today's harvest inspired gift wrap is not quite dry, but it's on it's way with a bonus post.)

The willowday week in review:
Dog Game Printable
Matching Vases

Something extra for the weekend:
Bread to bake this weekend: Bird Seed Bread
Cutest Kid's Fabric Designer, Heather Ross has just published a book.
Missoni hit Sweden this week
Snuggliest rugs? Beni ouarain carpets
Made it. Loved it. Yum: Easy Lemon Pasta
Our house's favorite Carrot Soup


  1. Thanks for the link-love Gina! So glad you liked this recipe. It's a staple at our place - often requested by my husband, and so easy to throw together with what we have in the kitchen.

    1. I am so happy to hear from you! I easily understand your husband. I want it all of the time, too. I'm also, here, perusing your lactation recipe and hoping to bring great cheer and productivity to a friend of a new born tomorrow morning! Thank you-- a head of time (as I've learned to say in Sweden!) for this one, too. Where were you when I was home with my newborns! Thank you for spreading the inspiration.


Thank you!