Friday, August 24, 2012

Top 50 Swedish Dog Names

We're celebrating the last weekend of Summer vacation and need to choose a puppy name! Our puppy arrived named, Nisse, (which means both Elf, in Swedish, and is a nickname for Nils) but everyone in the family has a differing opinion and the names on our list range from (keeping) Nisse, to Milou (doesn't he look a little like Tin Tin's dog?), Nelson... and Sam. I pulled up the Swedish top 50 dog names and thought these would be fun to share with you, too.

1. Molly
2. Wilma  (W's sound like V's)
3. Ludde ( E's sound like "eh")
4. Bella
5. Ronja (J's before a vowel sound like Y's)
6. Bamse
7. Sigge
8. Alice
9. Rocky
10. Selma
11. Sally
12. Charlie
13. Zorro
14. Tindra
15. Maja
16. Doris
17. Nova
18. Hugo
19. Mimmi
20. Max
21. Elvis
22. Ozzy
23. Tyson
24. Elsa
25. Buster
26. Ebba
27. Lisa
28. Leo
29. Smilla
30. Lady
31. Nelly
32. Freja
33. Saga
34. Stella
35. Kajsa
36. Rambo
37. Gizmo
38. Rex
39. Jack
40. Atlas
41. Molle
42. Nalle
43. Daisy
44. Nellie
45. Tilda
46. Fanny
47. Ida
48. Simba
49. Zita
50. Morris
To celebrate our last day of summer vacation, we all, hit the beach today.
Have a happy weekend! 

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  1. I love Milou! Our family has a tradition of naming our dogs after beloved family members, or stars of yester year we admire. We've had name sakes for great great aunt Maude, great Aunt Edith, and Aunt Mabel. Grace of Monaco even had a canine name sake in our family! A boy dog might end up being called Amos or Henry in our family! What fun- can't wait to hear the consensus! Happy first weekend with baby dog!

    1. Thank you! "Puppy aka Nisse" had us up at 3 AM today... apparently, he's in a rush for his name, too! Thank you for sharing your family's story. That's lovely. The name, "Sam" on our list is our sentimental name. It was both the name of my first cat and one of our dogs.

    2. We always prefered to get up w our "baby" dogs - rather than crate them. Our dogs seemed to catch on more quickly. Such a special time! Love,love the name Sam! very cute!

  2. What a cutie she is! Lots of great names including Nisse; I really like Elsa too. If it was me, I would not use Bella here in the US. It seems like everyone is naming their dogs Bella & I can imagine a lot of confused dogs when you go to the park :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It's tricky with popular names, isn't it? Isabelle/a has been such a hugely popular name in the past 10 years around the world. I agree. I've heard of many Bella in the US and here, in Sweden: "Isa" is the nickname for Isabella.


Thank you!