Monday, August 13, 2012

Live Performances

Happy Monday! I hope you've had a fantastic weekend! 

Did you catch STOMP in the Olympic closing ceremonies? I've missed it so many times on tour. Have you seen any of their performances? I think there's nothing like live performances and am looking forward to a new show to share with the kids.  Aren't live performances just more?  We took the kids to see the Broadway musical, Billy Elliot, on tour this Summer --- I had forgotten the language and admit that I wondered what in the world I had been thinking as it started, but as it developed and we watched a real live 12 year old boy, sing, dance, act and carry the entire story right in the very room we were sitting, our children and those that we attended the show with, were just transfixed. The energy, commitment and talent of this young actor (and troupe) connected with all of us and just transported us somewhere else. What's your experience with live performances? Do you have any shows that would tell someone that just can't miss?

I hope your week has begun with spring, jumps and stomps of the musical sort, too!


  1. Lovely post! I did see STOMP, years, possibly even decades ago, they're great. But curiously, my husband (real inner city London east end boy) can't stand them! I'd say the show that blew me away more than any other was the stage version of the Lion King. Have you managed to bring your kids to that? It's simply staggering.

    1. Thank you! The Lion King is on the top of the list -- we had just missed it this summer and Billy Elliot was our back up. I am seriously considering a London weekend with the family in order to have this experience....your note makes me feel like I can't get there fast enough!


Thank you!