Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Weekend

...even if it's in your own back yard.

Above Left: Grayson and Co... heading to our own yard. Above Right: Yes, the tent is slanted and "why, Mommy, that's how we like it," this kids responded to that question. I won't be sleeping there; only looking down on them on night long from the window above.

So, after 6 weeks away, it's amazing how familiar has transformed itself into adventure. Do you agree about this phenomenon, too? Has it happened to you --- returning home and everything feels new.

Handball camp was the perfect way for our oldest to get over jet lag, this week, and our youngest two have been busy creating and adventuring, as Staffan returned to work and I began catching up. They've entertained me all week with things near by: building frog highways, planning neighborhood competitions, to preparing tonight's dinner themselves! (... a dinner that could fuel a marathoner... and made me understand why cream married angel hair pasta!) Do your kids cook? I am afraid that I feel so scheduled during the school year that I don't allow this happen enough. Letting up, can be an adventure in it's self for a parent, don't you agree?

Whether it's ... letting go a little,
... letting your hair down
or letting yourself do something completely crazy and new,
I wish you adventure this weekend!

Now that we are back in Sweden, I am reminded of how incredibly SHORT summer is here and that summer vacation is so quick, as well. I'll continue to post, but might post fewer than usual while they are home. Besides the fact that I'm addicted to the kids, I'm playing catch up after being away all Summer. 7 months of willowday and I pinch myself regularly to see that you are my sister...and a whole lot more (and sis, I couldn't have started without you!) -- I thank you for this! Thank you for telling your sisters... and friends, too! You regularly make my day. Is there something you'd like more of, something missing, something you're wishing for and you think it could be here - let me know.
Until we meet again: I wish you big and small adventures!

Something for a weekend picnic:
Cookies for a picnic
Flower Crowns


  1. What a perfect way to spend a summer evening. These are the memories that are never forgotten in childhood.


Thank you!