Friday, August 10, 2012


To me, everything about Summer means being pared down -- even wrappings -- don't you agree? There is, however, always room for wonder... and, as I fished up our "guppy card,"  I thought: "what could I do to make that guppy look like he's actually swimming?" .... one thing led to another and here we go again: floating wrapping inspiration! If you want to create some easy wonder, I'll tell you how, below.

Swimming Guppy and Floating Butterfly Packages


Coated Florist Wire

Ribbon (I used a satin fabric)
Card (template for butterfly here or fish here)
Wrapped package
Optional: Double sided tape

Twist the wire at the base, as shown above.
Cut ribbon to size. It should wrap around the package with an overlap of about 2 inches.

Cut the wire to size, which will be the length of the butterfly + it's antenna and about 3 inches at the base in total length (doubled, because the wire will be folded in half)

As above, fold the wire in half, loop around the ribbon and twist at the base tightly.

Once the wire has been twisted at it's base, make two small holes  along the center fold of the butterfly and thread the wires through these, spread the ends of the wires to form the antenna. Snip ends if uneven.

Wrap the box with ribbon that now has the butter fly attached to it and secure the ribbon to the backside of the package with double faced tape for a smooth seam.

Now, press the twisted area of the wire and ribbon flat against the package to form a base to support. If the base needs reinforcement to hold the butterfly standing, cut a ribbon width size of tape and place this under the wire. 

For the fish, measure the ribbon for the package and the wire to the fish. Follow the directions for securing the wire to the ribbon and then, secure the ribbon to the package. Then, tape the wire to the backside of the fish. Bend the base and the fish will be floating. If you would like to hide the wire, cut double fish and sandwich the wire between the two.

Happy Gift Giving!

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