Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Travel Treasures:
Have you ever flattened pennies on the railroad before? Each time we visited the library this summer, we crossed the street and would laid pennies on the tracks. The following day, we would return to see our finds. The results were much more varied than we expected. Can you see the indentation on the  kronor below?  This happened when we stacked a penny on top of a kronor.  We wanted to make these keepers and this is how we've done it.
Charm Bracelet with personalized charms
The most unexplained event of our summer: the day we laid pennies on the track in 105 F weather,  we returned the next day to see that our coins that actually melted into the train track. We could just see a light image melted into the track! Who knew?!

Key chains with summer finds
With jewelry wire,  we made a loop and strung summer momentums 
to a key chain that is used above on a backpack.(The lure was unused. I just clipped off the hook and it was ready)

Making our flattened coins:

We taped our pennies to the track and returned the next day to see the results. (Keep it safe. Don't go near the track when trains are visible.)
 To make flattened penny charm, just punch hole in top of coin with metal hole punch tool. Once pierced, these are ready for use.

Adding personal finds to make charm bracelets or key chains is easier than you'd imagine. You can find hole punches, wire, jewel toppers, and what you need at most craft stores. If in doubt, as with our stone, you can probably find a jeweler who could easily make a hole for you, for a minimum.

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  1. I love these! I'm in Canada -- and our government is retiring our pennies..... this makes me want to save them, to squash. I'm not sure where I would do it though.... I live in Toronto....

    1. Oh, I hope you can do it! We were just addicted, this summer.

      I did not know this -- I've always love the Maple Leafed Coins that make is, somehow, over the boarder!

  2. Here in the States different amusement parks, Zoo's have machines that will flaten pennies & imprint a picture of an animal, a rides logo & such. This is a great idea for useing & displaying them. You could make a bracelet for each destination!


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