Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Missoni long underwear (coming Sept 25)!
Scandinavian Inside slippers (by Bundgaard)

Rubber Pants by Danish Ticket
Silver rain boots by Hunter

Up side down... 
Thank you for extending the weekend with me, as I am trying to catch up with everything school and find our new routines! It's our first week back to school and our 5th day with our 10 week old puppy.

Swedish School basics:
... after the, pencils, rulers, backpacks:

- Rubber boots. 
I love Hunter's tall, long classics for Francesca and real rubber Aigle for the boys and when they were all toddlers *
- Inside school shoes
- Rubber rain clothes. I'm currently on a big Ticket a Danish brand, fan, but POP is a beloved classic, as well.
(* Entire new world: I found puppy rain boot slippers this week. Seriously.)

The motto in Sweden truly is: "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing."
What are the necessity back to school items in your area of the world?

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  1. the long underwear is adorable! and congrats on the new puppy! my kids would love one, and we plan to add one to the family soon. But it will probably be another year, at least.

    1. Were you one of the lucky ones to pick up something Missoni did for Target, last year? I was really happy to see that did a collaboration here in Sweden, too! ... Puppies are truly wonderful for a family -- also a huge adjustment to my daily life!


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