Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Mayville

Days of Summer

Can't you feel the linen of the dress, the lightness of her hair, the breeze and scent of the sea? I love the modern yet, classic, simplicity of this portrait! I've just discovered Elizabeth Mayville, here and want to see more. Not only would I like a piece by her, but she's given me something personal. She's reminded me to pack my paint brushes and paints for our family "girl's" trip this week. We leave today.

My commissioned portrait period began... with of a dog.  It was a commission by friends of Head Chef Bruno, Warmdo Country Club, to do a portrait of his dog for a special birthday years ago. One thing led to another and that period of my life was filled with children's portraits. I humbly confess, the last portraits I did were most likely drawings of Brody, as a baby. I'd like to change this now.

Birthdays, sun and portraits are on my mind today, as I wish, Emma, our niece, a Happy Birthday. I hope, in the days ahead, I can capture you in such a moment. Emma shares the day with her Grandfather, my father. Happy Birthday, Dad. I imagine you all -- including my 3 guys --- during this "boys week" trip with sun dancing around you, too. I can't wait until the weekend to celebrate you both and swap sun stories.

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  1. This is really beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Emma!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! What a special treat for Emma!


Thank you!