Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Packing for Sweden

We're rounding out our Summer visit to the US and I'm currently eying up our suitcases. In the years that I've lived in Sweden, I've truly packed the impossible in my luggage --- everything from baby bouncers to bicycles!  It's so much fun to serve guests, in Sweden, something "from home" and I am hoping I have room for the following this year.

Tortilla Press
It's not surprising that authentic Tex-Mex or Mexican food doesn't really exist so far away from it's origins. I always get in some of this cusine during our visits. In Sweden, I've even tried to roll out my own tortilla once with a rolling pin and have wanted a real tortilla press for years. This time I'll return with one.

6" removable Cake Pan from Miette
I'd like to bring a little San Francisco home with us with the Miette cookbook and their  6" removable baking pans. This 6 "pan is adorable!

Pizza Stone for the Grill
I broke our pizza stone in June and I would love to replace it with one for our grill. Have you tried a pizza stone for your grill, yet? I dream of building a pizza oven in our garden. Until then,  I am hoping I can somehow slip this into my suitcase.

I have a penchant for picking up cookie cutters of all kinds. I'm just found a Scottie dog shape at an Antique Fair here and am always looking for new shapes.

What about you. If you live abroad or had to move, what are the unique items that would make your packing list?

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  1. I miss the days of 2 suitcases per person @ 70lbs each. also packing up our troop fof 6 - it's hard to choose what to bring.! Just got the Cooks Magazine Mexican special - to go w my new tortilla press & big bag of hominy! 2 14 inch frying pans top the list of prized finds. Safe travels.

  2. Cooks Magazine Mexican! This sounds like a must have! Thank you for this tip! Yes, my mind still imagines I can pack in a steamer trunk! I miss those early days where one could even push that max to 3 pieces if one family member went without hand luggage!


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