Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm so happy to share our recent birthday party: "Camp Grayson!"

We made these photo card invitations for Camp Grayson. It's such an interactive way to start the planning.  Taking the photo, talking through what makes a birthday or specifically, a camping birthday is such a great way to start thinking about the day, managing expectations and personalising. To make cards like this, frame your scene in a photo, add the text to your photo, print and mail!

Our lucky son has had one party in Sweden and a second "cousin's party," here in the US. Look below to see more!
top: Invitation to Grayson's 8th Camping Birthday Party (translation: Grayson's Camping Party, What, Where, When. and Contact info.) To make the Camp fire, click here for instructions: (here) above lower row: M+M cookies, marshmallow skewers which were ready for chocolate dipping, sandwiches (wrapped in craft paper, of course) and home made lemonade.

- Francesca hand lettered our Camping Sign, which welcomed the guests.

- One of the games that we played was "follow the string" around our lawn
- danced the limbo under our leaf garland (here).

- Pass the gift: 
We wrapped 15 boxes within one another (the smallest in the middle, largest being the outer box.) The game works something like musical chairs. Everyone sits in a circle and the large box is passed when the music begins. The children will continue to pass the box until the music stops. Whoever has the box when the music stops, opens that box and the next wrapped box will be exposed. The music started again and this continues until all 15 layers have been exposed to reveal the surprise wrapped in the final, smallest, inner box.
Treasure Hunt (click here for icy variation)
Teepee Pinata
Follow the string (above right)
Craft: Camping Night Lights (made with LED Lights)
- Party Craft: Campers all made " DIY Night Lights.*" themselves.

Leaf Garland (not pictured below but, seen above as "limbo")

Something else you might like:
Icy Treasure Hunt: These are fun in both warm and cold weather!
Gumdrop Game: Super Party Game
How to make a balloon garland: Tutorial!

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  1. Love the theme and all the details. Especially love the retro vibe. You have outdone yourself and Grayson looks like one happy eight year old!

    1. 8 is great! I love it when, stylish you, come by! There were so many fun details it was difficult to edit... Would you believe the simple retro bowl of lemonade was probably the most talked about. The photo that got away was the teepee pinata. Handmade pinatas are our house signature (and as you know not that common in Sweden) and I regretfully, made it to the pinta for a photo just before it broke. Tip to myself to remember:all birthday items must be photographed BEFORE the party begins!

  2. This is WONDERFUL!!! Coincidentally, my own son, Grayson, will be turing 8 next summer, and has requested a Camping Birthday Party. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found your site....Your crafts and cupcakes are absoulutely amazing, and I look forward to trying them out very soon!!! <=)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! What a great coincidence! I hope that you're day is every bit as wonderful as ours was! Birthday Wishes to you G!


Thank you!