Friday, June 8, 2012


I was up early this morning but, not early enough to catch our 3:36 AM sunrise. Have you noticed that when your routine changes, so do the possibilities? My husband's traveling and instead of our usual morning conversations, I greeted the day with my camera. 

With Staffan, my husband, away, it's been the perfect week to do some Father's Day preparations. Father's Day is here soon in the US, Canada, UK and France. (In Sweden, it's in November!)  I'm sharing a little bonus: several Father's Day projects today (gift wrap, decoration, handprint card + alphabet container)

Now, I want to talk about you. Thank you, dear readers, for making willowday surpass my wildest imaginations! I opened "my doors" 5 months ago, this past week. I am touched, amazed and inspired everyday I find you here. I love hearing from you; receiving photos from you; and just seeing that you've stopped by. Thank you for this. We're just getting started. I'm working on some super fun developments that I look forward to sharing soon and wish you continued inspiration, too!

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy 5 Months together.


  1. crikey - only five months? you're so good at this, it feels like you must've been doing it for ages - oh for a tiny bit of your blogging style! well done.

    1. "Little Macaroon" -- you truly make my day! Thank you! (I still find myself double spacing and flushing left, when it isn't my intension. Thank you for over looking this!) I'm very happy with you show up here. I hope you are enjoying the last days of your pregnancy.


Thank you!