Friday, June 1, 2012

Paper Bag Dogs

Mr and Miss Dog versions above. We love to wrap gifts so that the gifts are as fun as the package. When the kids have a school trip, I think it's also fun to decorate their brown paper lunches for extra fun. These pups have all traveled with our three!
Craft Tape
Glue Tape or double sided tape
Brown Paper Bag
Black Sharpie
Red Tape
Black Construction Paper for Ears
Gift or Name Tag


1) Cut ears from black construction paper. Fit the bottoms of the ears into a fold along the top of paper bag. Using double sided tape or glue tape, apply glue to this upper area of both sides of the ears.

2) Cut one piece of craft tape and secure the back flat.

3) Draw dog face on to the front of a brown paper bag with a black sharpie.

4) Cut one piece of red tape the width of the paper bag and apply.

(Cut a bone shaped dog bone from white paper, if desired, and label. Tape the bone label under this tape before applying the tape.)

I love these both for gift wraps and to pack the kids lunch like this , for a surprise, on field trip days.
These are sturdy and easy to whip up in under 5 minutes!

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