Friday, June 22, 2012


It's the Swedish holiday of Midsummer's Eve today. We'll hop on our bikes later today to check out the local midsummer pole gathering and dancing; then, return home to set the table for our outdoor Midsummer smorgasbord feast. The weather, knock-on-wood, couldn't be better. We have friends visiting, from the US, which adds to the festivity!

I love the excuse to make a flower crown, don't you? Read below to learn how to do these.

Midsummer Crowns

Gather wild flowers

Gather Flowers
Follow instructions below:

This technique always works for us and we've had hours of fun with these crowns. It is traditional in Sweden to use birch branches in crowns, as well. If, for some reason, you feel that you need reinforcement, choose the green, paper-coated, florist wire to bind the crown at regular points around the crown. Make it a Summer with flowers in your hair! ... or for a party. 


  1. Beautiful! We were in the Stockholm archipelago one year for midsummer, so fun and pretty! Now the children are in school (which doesn't end until early July!) so we arrive to late. Enjoy your festivities!

  2. Thank you for your comments. I think of our shared connections as I read this. It's never too late for flowers in your hair! I wish you the best, this summer, in Sweden, with your children and family --- and time with flowers in your hair.

    Swedish schools have been out for weeks, but, our school (the French Lycee) went until this Tuesday, as well. (Is it true that many French schools go until June 31?). With the long nights, it's been nearly impossible to keep to regular bedtimes but, luckily the sun also gives that extra burst of energy. Enjoy June in your beautiful region.

    1. In fact our school is on until JULY 6 this year!!! My family and friends in USA are well into summer festivities already and we are still doing homework and after school activities!!

    2. This is so hard to put my mind around. I agree! Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful summer!

  3. so you don't need to tie any knots?

    1. Since you are using florist wire, no knots required!


Thank you!