Friday, June 8, 2012


To make the clay letter used for the Father's Day Gift wrap or to make a simple last minute present for Dad, see instructions below.

Letter container: (middle letter A, click here.)
Letter D ornament, continue below.
Cookie Cutter Letter - D
Air Drying Clay
Ink Pad Stamps
Hole cutter (I used the handle end of a round handled spoon)

"D" ornament HOW-TO:Roll the clay to about 1/8 inch (3 cm) thickness.
Press the cookie cutter shape into the dough and cut.
Remove shape and place on flat drying surface.
Choose the appropriate stamp letters and stamp the surface with D-A-D.
Use your hole cutter and carefully press hole for hanging.
Let dry.
Thread with ribbon.

Give this away as a present or use as the gift tag on your present.
We used this on this Father's Day Gift wrap, click here. 

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