Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This image was taken in Tuscany at Nikki's Scultpure Garden.
If you'd like to see her sculptures in Stockholm at the Modern Museum, click here.
Last week, as I was at a class picnic at the Modern Museum's sculpture park, I was reminded of the bike rides I used to take with our youngest. I'd put him on the back of my bike and we would pedal home from pre-school. Often, when I'd ask him what he wanted to do on the way home, he'd reply that he wanted to "see the big art." We would detour to this very park.  I loved the time with him and the natural access to art. 

My perception is that children are much more interested in real art than than we imagine. No, they don't enjoy all day excursions in museums; one exhibit at a time is enough. 

- Go on-line ahead of time to read up on the exhibit. 
- Is there an element your children can relate to?
- See if the museum has a children's room or tour tied to the exhibit. 
- Find a thread that runs through the exhibit. 
- Check out the Museum Cafe
- Find the funny. Can you find something about that art that makes the kids laugh?

These are discussions I've had when looking at Nikki Sculptures with our kids: 
Find an element: How many stars can you see?  Which color is your favorite? Can you find that color or element in another piece in this exhibit?
Find a thread: What is this person doing? Can you find a star on every piece in this exhibit?
Is there an element your children can relate to:  
How was this made? Mirror mosaics. Where they painted? cut? How did do you think she did it?

A thought on art: 
I've had an idea that's been growing ever since we made our first trip to Florence, Italy: how does growing up in a city created by masters affect you? How does this passive exposure to art affect your world and aesthetics? Imagine parking in Michelangelo's "David" parking lot to go to pre-school? Imagine picking up your groceries and passing the Uffizi along the way? What are your thoughts on this? Do you like to visit exhibits and museums with your kids? Do you have any favorites museums and why? I love to hear from you.

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  1. I never fail to be amazed by Moderna's art viewing and workshops for children. Some of the currators are so incredibly gifted at putting a deep discussion about current exhibits on the children's level - that the dialogue produced is so profound, ridiculously I get a little tear! Magical.
    The workshop that follows clearly shows how the talks inspire all those little artists and art lovers. A huge favorite for our family. They also love checking out the "big art" ;-)

    1. It's wonderful to share the experience with you! There are so many ways to enjoy it and the view from the cafe has to be mentioned, as well, isn't it?!

      I've been impressed with the staff when we've even just gone to the Open Art Room. The people who run the studio have been attentive to both the kids interests and needs; in addition to being well prepared for the topic of the day and current art. Most recently, I was impressed with how flexible they were at switching up the mediums. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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