Thursday, May 10, 2012


Happy 92nd, Grandma (Grattis Farmor)

It's my Grandmother's birthday today and her day always goes hand-in-hand with Mother's Day (here and here). I hope our card arrived to her on time. Even with my love of calligraphy, I can not keep my handwriting as perfectly formed as my Grandmother's 92 year old measured hand. Can you? It's such a lost art. Her letters are treasures that we save; when they arrive, they become an occasion --- we wait until there's a calm moment and read them aloud. Do you have anyone of this generation gracing you with this same hand? We're so lucky to have her.

Did you know that in Swedish, there isn't just one term for "Grandmother?"
Grandmother's are either Mother's Mother or Father's Mother:

Farmor: Father's Mother or
Mormor: Mother's Mother.
"Grattis : Congratulations

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