Monday, May 7, 2012

Class Trips

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope it's been a wonderful one. If you were here on Friday, you'll know that I have mothers and mothering in mind, this month.  The above shot was taken exactly 11 years, 10 days and 14 hours ago when I became a mother for the first time.

This month is a month of passage for him. Yesterday, he flew off on a one week class trip to southern France. What's your experience with children traveling on class field trips? Has this changed since we were kids? Is it more common to take long, overnight class trips now? I have vivid memories of my 5th Grade class all day trip to a local National Park. One of my highlights was tucking coveted Cheetos in my picnic lunch for this special day.

I think of something my Mother has affectionately repeated, "everyday we want our children to grow --- growing mean growing more independent." She's a wise one. I know that he'll have a great week. I also now that I'm so glad I've been by his side to witness him grow and that there's still a lot more growing to do.  Check this video out below. Are you so organized with your films? It's amazing.

I found it here, at bending birches

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