Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Month: India Hicks

Mother Conversations
(Dads, your time will come, too.)
I'd love to make this a month of Mother's Day, Mother's conversations, and will kick this idea off lightly today. Happy Friday!

Every once in a while, I love to look at India Hick's house and did so this week, as I tried to envision what cascading flowers we might get to grow, up here in the north, down the facade of our white house. There is just something about her house vibe that I absolutely love. I mean love.

Can you imagine, too, that she gets to run daily on the island's pink sandy beaches every day. Pink! This mental image, alone, of daily runs on pink sand actually got me through some dark and icy winter runs this year!
(Yes, survival tip #1, for living so far north: make your imagination your friend.)

So, when I went a looking for images of her house, I saw this photo of her letting her daughter drive a boat.  I couldn't agree more and as I kick off a month of Mother conversations, I start with a short, similar message to our daughter: 

May you have the grace of a gazelle,
Charm that stops the tides,
Knowledge of the universe,
the spirit of a starburst  ----
May you drive a boat.
Let nothing stop you -- roads or water.

What are your expected and unexpected wishes for your daughters? (Son's conversations coming soon. Our oldest leaves on his first school trip next week!)  Along side this thought, have you read this article at Huffington Post? How to talk to Girls. I would love to hear your comments.

Click here from more about India and interiors at Habitually Chic.

- Happy Birthday B


  1. The How to Talk to Girls is an excellent post. A good reminder and very true. bz

    1. Thanks for taking jumping into the conversation. I agree!


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