Thursday, May 10, 2012


Maurice Sendak and Imagination
Little Bear and Where the Wild Things Are were two classic I loved sharing with our kids. Did you?

I was happy to find this page bookmarked in our copy of, Open House For Butterflies.
Do you know this book? I found several others that I wanted to share.

While listening to NPR remember Maurice Sendak, this week on my ipod, I heard Maurice speak of a happy childhood memory: his window being his first TV camera or TV. When his Grandmother would come to visit,  he would sit in her lap and they'd look out the window together at a scene, such as his siblings playing or a parked car; then, she'd pull down the shade and when she'd draw it up again, the scene would have changed and the siblings would have built a snow man or the car would be gone, etc and they'd continue playing this window game all afternoon. I loved the idea of this use of imagination and what it reveals about every day quiet or beauty in the small things. It's a very nice memory to rest with his work, don't you think?

Images of the creative window space, had me thinking of the DIY Shadow Puppet Cards . I would be happy if this bunny shadow puppet sparked some more imaginations today.


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  1. What a lovely memory.
    Seems like time moved more slowly back then, which of course isn't true, time is time, suppose just the people did.
    I love to watch out my studio window throughout the day. I need some shadow puppets!


Thank you!