Friday, May 18, 2012

Gift Wrap #16: Pyramid Packages

Gift Wrap #16: Pyramid Packages 
(or how to wrap a round object)

It's another long, holiday, weekend, in Sweden, which seems to mean: more days for kid's birthday parties. This wrap came about, as I prepared packages for the weekend and had the challenge of wrapping a ball. How to camouflage it?  I realised that the solution was already right in front of me: the perfect camouflage! Pyramid Packages, of course!
Continue below for full tutorial and printable template. 

Let's get started!

Use this as gauge by sizing the inner box to the width of your object 
(for example: the inner triangle will be the width of a ball)

Craft board or heavy art paper, X-ACTO Knife, Tape -- preferably craft paper, Ribbon


- Print, then cut out the template.

- Score the folds.

- Fold the sides in.

- Once the sides are folded, tape them from the inside with your craft tape.  Leave about 2 inches at the top so that you can slide your fingers in for pressing the tape along the upper seam of the third side.

- Punch 3 holes on the tops top corners of the triangles.
- Seal the side seams of the package with craft tape.

This is how the packages will look after they are cut, scored and holes have been punched.

Add a bow or topper:Once seams have been sealed,  lace a ribbon through the 3 holes, tighten and tie a big, shiny, ribbon. Happy Gift Giving! I'd love to see what you do, too, with this tutorial!

More Pyramids, here: 

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  1. Wow, something to do with my bursting stash of carboard boxes I always seem to be collecting!

  2. Isn't this a perfect box for childrens necklaces! We'll have to try this right away! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for coming by! Yes, there are endless possibilities for fun with these!


Thank you!