Saturday, May 26, 2012


GIFT WRAP #16 part II : FABRIC PYRAMIDMake these pyramid packages, here in fabric. They're unique packages, keepsake, jewelry or toy holders. Below are several variations for all ages and abilities.
Stiffened felt packges. Instructions below.

Stitch two sides of the pyramids, leaving the third side open to make this jewelry pouch. Detailed instructions below.

Top row: Jewelry keeper back and front.
Bottom row left: Choose two fabrics and cut template.
Bottom row middle. Before ironing, lay fabric #1 flat, then interfacing layer,
 followed by the felt layer which has been cut along the fold lines 
to be re-assembled at this stage and now carefully ironed. 
Bottom row right. Squeeze keeper to place or remove jewelry or keepsakes.
No needles needed, if you punch holes along the edges. Find pretty ribbon and lace.

Variation #3: Stiffened Felt Pyramids

X-acto Knife
Spray starch
Hole Punch

1) Cut pyramid template from a heavy paper or carton. Fold back edges for later use.
2) Apply spray starch to both sides of the fabric twice. Let dry between applications and make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step.
3) Lay template on the felt fabric. Fold back one corner, as seen above on the upper left, and delicately score the fabric lightly, as seen in the middle picture. Be very, very careful to not pierce the fabric. This step is only to mark a light fold on the felt so that the felt will fold correctly.
4) Once scored. Punch a hole in the upper corner.
5) Fold the pyramid into shape. Fill, if desired. Lace ribbon through the holes and secure.

Extra supply: two sided interfacing.
2 fabrics: 1 cotton fabric and 1 piece of coordinating cotton felt
Needle and thread

1) Choose two coordinating fabrics: 1) fabric 2) 1 felt
2) Carefully layer fabrics on top of one another on cutting surface, place template on fabric and cut 2 identical pyramids. 
3) Cut the felt piece along all of the folding edges so that there will be 4 triangles.
3) Set aside. Using the same template, cut one piece of interfacing.
4) On an ironing surface, lay the large fabric piece down, then carefully line up the interfacing layer and place on this fabric piece.
5) Now, reconfigure the small triangles pieces on top of these first two layers. (see blue fabric illustrations).
6) Iron. Once the interfacing has set and cooled you are ready to move onto the next step.
7) With a needle and thread, fold in one of the sides and close this side. Repeat with side two.
If necessary, stitch a few stitches at the bottom on side three -- not too high, but just a few to help keep this open side lie more tightly. 

I would like to wish you a wonderful weekend. I'm feeling kind of lucky, I'm going to celebrate Mother's Day again tomorrow! It's Mother's Day in Sweden this Sunday. These fabric packages are perfect last minute presents or special to hold presents, such as these necklaces, hereAdd a Mother's Day Card, here.  Enjoy! I look forward to seeing you back here on Monday.

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  1. Good Morning! I, too, am an American expat. We live in Ghana, West Africa. I stumbled across your blog through Design Mom. I love your site - simple and beautiful! I'll be following. Enjoy Mother's Day again :)

    1. I'm so happy when I hear from readers. I take pause when I think of our climate and ex-pat cultural experiences! How interesting. I'm so glad that you've found me and hope you return. I am trying to share every day projects, with easy to attain or ordinary materials, that produce out of the ordinary results and beauty. I hope there is something for everyone. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes!


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