Sunday, April 15, 2012


Kid's Craft while traveling: This weekend, after a memorable southern French extended family lunch, out came the paints for the kids. Have you tried rock painting with your kids? It's such simple fun: find interesting rocks and bring out the paints. They were the only extra item I needed to pack. Everything else was either in my necessity or available on the spot. We still have a few stones that the kids painted from years before as nice reminders of earlier trips.

We'll leave behind a few We'll leave behind a few nice little paper weight as gifts and return to Stockholm with a nice mementos, too.

(A second special note to Apartment Therapy Family! Thank you, here! for featuring our Spy Birthday Party and here, for more.)

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Wishes for creativity, connection and eyes that see the world with glittering eyes.

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  1. gina,
    I used to love painting rocks and shells with nail polish...this brought back happy memories-thank you! anne

    1. I am thinking of you! We're here again and this time I packed the fingernail polish and think of you every time we've painted a stone! Hope all's great with you!

  2. We find rocks we think are shaped like an animal, then give them eyes and colour.


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