Thursday, April 19, 2012

What to expect at a market in Provence

What to expect at a market in Provence.
Tonight, we're trying out a new spice for our vegetables called "4 epices." It's one of the new spices we brought back from our market visit, last week, in Provence. In addition to the market colors that are a feast for the eyes and nose, I love this feeling that I'm returning with this little pouch of Provencal magic. I learned, last week, that "4 epices" is a special local mix of spices just for vegetables. Spices are high on my market shopping list.

What to expect at an open air market in Provence?

Local produce, fresh fruit and vegetables and organic food from the bio-food producers are all sold there. Local produce is everything from goat cheese, olive oil, olives, spices, lavender, natural soap, for example.

I was surprised the first time we went that I also found trinkets, fabric, shoes, lingerie and clothing. If you are traveling in the area and looking for the larger markets, it's worth checking out what's in the vicinity (here). Some of the treasures I've found have been a cashmere throw at the market in Aix-en-Provence, antiques at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and beach wear in Toulon.

What's it like to meander the market with kids? There is a lot of to look at and people are usually very friendly. It's a good place for children to see a slice of local life, both young and old people. When I asked our children what their favorites where, our daughter said that she loved the "dollar" trinket stand where she found a great silver rain hat and the boys loved the pastries and cotton candy. If you've never been before, does this surprise you? If you're familiar, do you have any personal highlights?
BARBE A PAPA - Provence Christmas Street Food
Fete du Roi (King's Cake)


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