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Southern French Haricot Vert
Hello. I'm so happy to be back.  If you follow my blog, you know that I have been out of commission with a bug. It's been the kind of "out of commission" where Sunday feels like it could have been yesterday. My husband's been in the kitchen replacing me (my regular domain) and I'm going to share our favorite family recipe for haricot vert but, I'm going to take the long route getting there.

Have you read any of the current books about "how to get your children to eat like the French? How to raise your children French style?" (click here and here) I haven't yet, but feel like I've seen many excerpts and since it is a part of our everyday, I'm intrigued about what writers are saying. I'd love to hear what you think, too.*

Last night, as I observed my husband confidently snap the ends off the haricot vert that he had picked up on his way home, amass a pile of Parmesan cheese shavings and saw one child or two sneaking off with a bean, it had me thinking about this discussion.  From memory, he was making the haricot vert his Grandmother and Mother had made for him; now, favorites of the children, too. My husband's mother is French and he was nursed on the French art of dining, the joy of ingredients, and love of cuisine, both at home and in French schools. Food and dining is a serious business of pleasure.

This school night dinner may be served a little later than some would normally approve, the actual dining will be encouraged to take a little longer than I might hope for on a weekday, but asking him to do it any other way would be like asking the sun not to shine and the trade off is so nourishing.  From the hilltops of Nice, this was one of his favorites and ours, too.

Southern French Haricot Vert
Approximately 14 oz. or 200 grams Haricot Vert/Green Beans
2 T. Olive Oil
1 garlic clove (optional)
1/4 c fresh Parmesan grated finely
Pine nuts or almonds optional

Prepare the haricot vert until just tender (al dente.)  Drain.  Heat olive oil in a pan. Once the oil has warmed, saute the garlic until soft and brown (if desired). Once this is complete, add the haricot vert. Turn them regularly, slightly browning them. Once these are slightly browned, sprinkle with Parmesan and toss until they are covered. If desired, add the nuts and serve.

(* Dear Mom, All of the gardening you've done and beautiful dinners you raised me on are discussions for another day!)

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