Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm so excited. We're leaving for Barcelona today; later in the week, we'll move on to southern France. The kids are checking out maps, packing their travel bags; I'm whipping up a few surprises for them (which I'll be happy to share with you, once we return) and finishing details.

I think vacation will mean a little time to catch up on reading, Bringing up Bebe and French Kids Eat Everything. I feel like these titles are referred to everywhere I look, recently. If you've had the chance to read them, what did you think?

Are you someone who packs at the last minute or someone who plans in advance?


  1. I read "Bringing up Bebe" and enjoyed this window into French child-rearing culture and philosophy. The author's first instincts were to approach raising her children in the more neurotic, indulgent American way and she needed to see an alternative. However, I think many of her conclusions were essentially based on common sense, i.e. children need boundaries, rather than superior French parenting. As an American raising a family in Sweden, I could relate to her observations about living and parenting in a European country. It would be interesting to see a similar book about Swedish vs. American parenting. Bring it on, Willowday!

    1. Thank you for such sharing your insight. I wish we could hold a book club, right here, when I return! These are really books that one wants to discuss. I like that you mention your own observations, living in Sweden, as well. I agree with you on the subject of Swedish and American parenting --- chapters write themselves daily, don't they!


Thank you!