Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, B and Sweet Dreams, too

Today, more about babies: our baby --- our first born son.
(Do our children's dreams look anything like the dreams we wish for them?)

For you, B:
I'll post this in the morning.
By then,
you'll have had your first night of eleven year old dreams.

As requested,
your day began with a shower of balloons and breakfast in bed.
The day looked wonderful on your face...

Now, as I close for the night,
I will go up and steal a kiss on your cheek, as I always do ---
as you are dreaming ---

and wonder what you are dreaming about
... just as I did when I first laid eyes on you.

Happy Birthday to you ---- our first born son.

Dream on, B.

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  1. Okay, that brought tears to my eyes...
    Hope his 11th Birthday was just as special as he'd hoped!

    1. I hope that you, too are stealing kisses and smelling those sweet cheeks!

  2. A beautiful sentiment, I hope you had a wonderful day :)


Thank you!