Friday, April 6, 2012


Pass on some bling: Gift Wrap Series #12: Sequin
I think there's always room for a little shine and with the snow landing outside, I've found a away that I'm excited to share with you -- so that you can pass it on, too!

I spotted a sequined hair band of our daughter, this past week, and started thinking: wouldn't that be perfect for gift wrapping and to create a two-in-one present. (An example: here and here) I can't wait for these shiny packages to land in the hands of bright friends! Wishing you a little glitter and shine, as well. Instructions below.

Click here for two more examples!

Sequin Elastic Band or (ready-made sequined band)

- Needle and thread
- Ribbon
- Barrette
- 1 wrapped package

How-to (pink version):
1) Paint craft paper with glitter paint. Let paper dry.
2) Cut sequined elastic band to fit. Sew ends together.
3) Stretch around the package for the ribbon. If the ribbon is too large for the package, sew a temporary cross stitch in the back to hold.

How-to (silver version:)
Follow all of the same instructions as above and
Add a ribbon barrette. Snap the ribbon barrette on the hairband along with gift tag.

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