Thursday, April 5, 2012

Books: A Surprise for Mrs. Bunny

You can see by the dog-eared cover that A Surprise for Mrs. Bunny by Charlotte Stein, is a favorite. This books is a treasure from my childhood which made it over the sea with me. I love sharing the bunnies, "Rolly, Dolly, Trolly, Molly, Lolly, Wolly, Polly and Jolly" with our children, too. If you aren't familiar with the book already, the illustrations are so sweet, it's a good early reader and a fantastic way to learn colors. I think that there's something about the colors in this book that comes back to me every time I've colored Easter Eggs. The colors are just so intensely kid-colored-perfect. I've been dreaming of making these blue eggs every Easter since these images first filled my imagination. No wonder I was so pleased with our naturally dyed eggs this year. Do you have a favorite for book for this time of the year, too?
(I found a copy of the book on Amazon and etsy!)
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