Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Countdown?

I want to share something that is making me happy today. I noticed one pretty, yellow, bloom on this little daffodil. On March 2, another bloom appeared. Today, a third flower opened. I am loving this little plant and am convinced it's a Spring "Advent" flower, of sorts. It is making me very, very happy. I hope unexpected beauty finds you, too. Looking forward to meeting you, here again, on Monday.

Beautiful Blue


  1. someone just gave us some and I was thrilled! But just as soon as they bloom, they just die. do they last? can you keep these?

    1. I agree. These yellow beauties, which gave me such a thrill, are now heartbreaking. I had the same thing happen with some beautiful Grape Hyacinth, we received not long ago. They just dry up.
      This has been my beset strategy; I cut the new blooms, as soon as they bloom, and keep these as cut flowers, watering the remaining bulbs. I did this with the Grape Hyacinth. With those, we had sweet little vases of these tiny wonders and it extended the life of those that hadn't yet bloomed.
      On the flip side, we have have 2 Hydrangea since January and they are magnificent, yet. Thanks for stopping in!


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