Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Happy Monday. The kids are back in school today, activities begin and I am back at the drawing board. The wonderful visit we've had with my parents and three nephews is still fueling us.

Before I hit my overwhelming Monday to-do list,  I wanted to share something from their visit with you. This morning, an email arrived, from my sister-in-law, with highlights from the boys. If you've ever considered traveling to Stockholm in the Winter, with 10, 12, and 14 year old boys, this is what they had to say:

Stockholm highlights pictured above:  Gustavbergsbadet (swimming), the Wasa Museum, The Royal Palace,  Old Town (Gamla Stan), Skansen, Hellasgården, Commuter Ferries,  Semla at Rosendalsträgård, Östermalms Saluhall (a great market), Sledding hills and ski hills in the city.

I asked the boys for 5 highlights and 5 things that surprised them and any tips.
This is what they shared with me:
Five Highlights:
Outdoor Swimming,Gustavsbergbadet with NO LIFE GUARDS
Old Town, Gamla Stan.
Trying Handball, for the first time on their cousin's team
Visiting the Wasa Ship, The Wasa Museum
Pizzeria at a Train Station: STAZIONE

Five Surprises:
Hellasgården: Witnessing "polar bear" saunas: step 1: sauna step 2: run outside and down the hill, over the pier and splash into the swimming hole in a frozen lake to cool down; then, repeat! at Hellasgården
US Sports: Lack of American sports knowledge
The Swedish Royal Family: The fact that Sweden had a King, queen, princesses.... I would also throw in that they were floored that the kids study Swedish Vikings as a part of their history, too. They're conversations comparing school were so entertaining!
High Taxes ("Oh man: does candy really cost this much?") (25% VAT in Sweden)
European Bathrooms and showers 

Dress warm.
Dress, really, really,  really warm. 
(The came prepared to dress "nice - really, really nice and realized quickly that warmth is a necessity here.)
Bring Mt. Dew.
Hidden Internet Fees: "Turn your phones and Internet off, so you won’t be charged huge, hidden fees."
Life Guards: "No life guards makes swimming so much more fun...."
Other, Aunt-Approved, Stockholm kid destinations:The new Globen Sky View
Rosendalsträgård for a "Bulle" (Swedish cinnamon bun)

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  1. Great list! I have a friend visiting in April- he might not be a 15 year old but its still nice to see!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. My nephews were 10, 12 & 14 -- They enjoyed all of the classic cultural stops but, I think the everyday differences made the biggest impact on them & seeing our everyday. They loved "bulle" from first site, enjoyed a "korv" on the street (but couldn't believe they were to stand out in the cold, like the rugged Swedes. We looked for a stand with the korv wrapped in the flatbread with mashed potatoes -- my parents will never get over the shock of those!), but not caviar, lax or salt licorice, which they all tried. Old Town never fails -- they could have done it again and again. Have fun! Walborg in April?...


Thank you!