Friday, March 9, 2012


Good Morning and Happy Friday. As our daughter scooted out the door with her personalized bouquet (click here) for a favorite teacher, it had me appreciating the beauty of written French. Here are few common greetings, in French, for any francophiles in our midst. (Yes, we have Spring flower fever!)

I prefer to shoot photos in the daylight.
Last night, I finished up this week's gift wrap, in the moonlight.
Tune back in tomorrow for a special St. Patrick's Day edition
that will include this week's Gift Wrap.
Thank you. I look forward to meeting you back here.


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  1. Dear EcoMom! Thank you for stopping by. I can't reply to you personally and hope that you will come by again soon for a heartful: "Merci et A bientôt!" Humbly, G


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