Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Our daughter does one portrait of our bunny, Coco, every year and we hang them in our Pet Gallery. It is such a happy place to visit.

 If you have a pet, I encourage a Pet Gallery, too. These paintings are truly family treasures. I smile every time I see these. We love how these paintings reflect both Coco's likeness, as well as our daughter's inner life!

Our three children are in the middle of a two week school holiday. It's the perfect week to put our easels up. Our daughter is painting a third Coco portrait and I am helping one of our sons begin a portrait of a favorite toy and our other son to do a portrait of a favorite stuffed animal. We're working with grids and I'll share our progress in a later posting.

Canvas, paints and pet! (or toy or stuffed animal could work, too)
Set up a painting area and start painting!
I hope that you have the chance to make the same!

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  1. These are fantastic, Gina! Masterpieces!!

  2. Gabrielle, hearing from you makes my day. Can't you just about hear that bunny whistling?! Thank you.
    (I loved your children's room goldfish art and am really excited with how the boy's art has started!)


Thank you!