Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Presidents Day (week!)
Our nephews asked yesterday, as we picked them up from the airport, if our children study Viking history in school. The answer is a quick and easy: yes! They were so surprised. My mind wandered further to lessons the kids have brought home; not only about the Vikings, but, the French Revolution and lists of Kings, both Swedish and French, too! I understand their surprise. I, too, was raised in the US and these are far off themes from my American elementary school curriculum.

Living, as an American abroad, how do you share your own culture and history with your children? I try to recognize most American holidays with crafts and cooking, but, books are invaluable! Today, I've heard of a new children's book about 7 year old George Washington on the day he chops down a cherry tree. It is illustrated by the New Yorker illustrator, Barry Blitt and is called, George Washington's Birthday: A Mostly True Tale. Listening to an interview with Blitt, I loved hearing about the fun he had with details such as: how George would take off his powdered wig, every night, and lay it by his bed. I'll find a copy here.  

Our daughter received a new American Girl book, yesterday, about a new character named, Marie-Grace. Francesca loves everything about American Girl dolls and books. I am silently thrilled with the history lessons thrown in!  I would love to hear from you with any American History books that are invaluable to you, too?

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