Saturday, February 4, 2012


GirlfriendsKicking off this site has been so much fun.
This weekend, I would like to say "let's hear it for the girls!" Living abroad, and so far away from my family, these women are the Real McCoy of essentials.
Did I leave my baby for the first time, so that I could join you for a girls dinner, a run or just a talk? Because of you, my friends, we can discuss Downton Abby like quartet, uncover the Swedish equivalent for "All Spice" when we cook for Thanksgiving, and pass on our best jet-lag cures. Far away friends, this includes you, too: emails, skype, and wonderful shared golden moments we've enjoyed help tide us over, until the next time we meet.

When I think about what these friendships mean to me, I think of my Grandmother. She was the quintessential girlfriend. She is the one on the right. I can still hear her and see her eyes twinkle when she told me about this girlfriend afternoon. Well into old age, she kept her old friends but, also attracted new --- even decades younger than herself. Friendship is always fashionable.


  1. Love the picture! I'm mildly obsessed with old photos, especially when they are people I love! I just got your comments and would love to do a little blurb for you about the V-day treats! I couldn't find an email for you though, so email me at I'll bug you more through email. Your site is so pretty, you'll have no problem being a fancy blogger, as I like to call it.

  2. Great photos! The two women I know in their 90's both say the key to their longevity it staying active with their girlfriends!


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