Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful First-Aid: ALOE


Mother Nature's medicine. Do you have an Aloe plant in your house? If not, why not? Aloe is the tidiest and easiest fix for first-aid for scrapes, cuts and bug bites. Our Aloe plant has been with us infinitely longer than other blooming, beauties. Just "snip and apply." Aloe acts as a pain reliever and reduces inflammation.
I've been reading up on Aloe and understand that these plants make great kiddie gardens -- easy and forgiving plants. If you already have an Aloe plant, transplant offshoots into pots and start a little pot garden for your kids.

Aloes produce offsets, which are little baby plants that grow along the base of the parent plant. Once the mature plant has finished flowering, these can be removed and transplanted. Cut the offsets off by using a knife and trying to ensure that some of the root is included, then plant them with the leave base just below soil level in a pot. 

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