Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday: Keeping and Labeling (with label PDF)

Tomorrow, Jan 13, is the official day to "wrap things up" for the holidays in Sweden, but, I'll wait until tomorrow to write about this. Today, it's time to take our decorations down and organize. Click here for the above labels, if you'd like them, too. 

1) Labeling Ornaments:
I grew up with this tradition of receiving a Christmas Tree Ornament every year from my parents and grandparents.  Did you, too? We've pass this tradition on to our children.  I love watching the kids repeat a tradition that I remember vividly. As we box up each child's ornaments this year, I am labeling them with simple watercolor tape. I am a painter and have used this watercolor tape long before I discovered Japanese tapes and still love it.  It's made from a thick, craft paper with an adhesive backside that one wets. In addition to stretching watercolor paper,  I love using it for labels and tags. (Gifts, too) 
How to:
Gather supplies: 
scissors or xacto knife
watercolor tape
object for labeling 

To make these long, thin labels, first cut the width you need. (I cut these about 1/8 of an inch but but them twice, as long, as you think you'll need. Write on the label. Fold it in 1/2 then fit to the ornament. Wet tape and press together. Cut end for neat edge. 

#2: Keeping: Letters to Santa
Each year, after Christmas, I gather the children's wish lists for Santa and the letter they left him on Christmas Eve, in a labeled envelope. Click here for PDF of the labels I use.

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