Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day Easy Craft

"The world's a rainbow" craft and cards.  The kids and I have made these years before, but today, this is a project that I shared with my 2nd Grade English Class. It was a wonderful way to discuss this simple universal principle. This American National Holiday may not be as recognizable, here in Sweden, as our Santa Claus in his red costume on Christmas or Halloween, but in an international class with children from Sweden, France, Morocco, Turkey, Iraq and Ecuador -- conversations of "dreams for the world we live in" and "equality" filled our hour quickly. It was a great way to discuss Holidays in addition to the "world is a rainbow" message.

With colors of the rainbow representing the diverse populations of the world; showing MLK's universal message of inclusion and equality, this is a wonderful craft to do with kids and make great sounding boards for discussion on this subject. These are a few of my classes cards!

Let's create! Just follow below....

This craft is great when you have mixed ages.
Toddlers can quickly paste these pre-made squares on your glue dots to create art;
Older children can use smaller pieces are create a real, detailed, mosaic pieces of art.
Today, we're making two: one to save for their wall, one to mail as a postcard. Spread the message to "dream!"
1) Gather colored paper - 8 1/2 x 11 (A4)
2) Cut or tear into small, pieces for mosaics
3) Divide an 8 1/2 x 11 (A4) into 4 rectangles
4) Use each of these rectangles for art


This idea originated when thoughtful friend, Alexia, mailed mosaic cards to our children as a recognition for this day. I've always been able to count on this creative American mother to inject creativity and to share American traditions with our family, too -- something golden when living abroad.  Of course, the kids loved receiving mail: the post card was both a hit and it also, hit the mark: simple discussion followed on this subject. (I had to add: I also love that these are both art projects as well as writing projects!)

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